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Keep Cold Out & Heat In With HRV in Surrey

Consider investing in an HRV system in Surrey and the Lower Mainland. Proper ventilation in any home is not only a comfort issue; ventilation can significantly affect health and wellbeing. Cooking, showering, breathing, and other life functions naturally produce moisture. In a badly ventilated space, excessive moisture can cause mould, dust mites, bacteria, and other nasty growths. Mould spores can become airborne and cause respiratory health problems and allergic reactions.


Mould and mildew aside, your appliances such as gas ranges and space heaters emit gases, carbon monoxide, and other pollutants. If your house is new, the materials used to build it can also pollute the air inside – we’ve all scrunched up our noses with new-house-paint-smells!

HRV – Heat-Recovery Ventilator

An HRV system both ventilates the air in your home and keeps you warm. Generally, a single unit has two fans, one to vent out stale indoor air and the other draw in fresh outdoor air. An HRV unit is unique because it has a heat-exchange core. This core extracts heat from the outgoing indoor air and transfers this heat to the incoming, outdoor air, ensuring you breathe in fresh air that’s also been warmed up.


Heat-recovery ventilator systems are most suitable for tight spaces with limited ventilation and excessive humidity. To learn more about installing an HRV system in Surrey or the Lower Mainland, get in touch with us today!


Complete HRV Services

Extend the life of your HRV systems with regular maintenance done by our professionals.

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